Lab Members

Emily Mansilla

Emily recently graduated from the Psychology Department at Chico state with her B.A. Previously she obtained an associate’s degree in psychology from Butte College. Emily’s core interests are in metacognition as well as decision making. She aims to explore ways in which traumas and mental illness impact decision-making. Primarily Emily is interested in exploring methods that influence individuals’ decision-making regarding changed behavior. After finishing her educational goals of a master’s degree, Emily wants to teach in a college setting to support and guide students through their academic careers. Though she does have plans for a Ph.D., she has decided to take things one step at a time. When not working towards educational advancements, Emily works with the elderly in providing physical, social, creative, and emotional interactions that foster wellness. Whenever possible, she enjoys camping with her partner and spending time with close loved ones. 

Deja Shevalier

Deja is a second-year Master’s student in the Psychological Science program. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Chico State in 2020. She is a teaching assistant in the biological psychology lab and a tutor for the psychology department. Deja is interested in studying substance use and substance use disorders using a combination of behavioral and biological perspectives. When Deja is not working on school related goals, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Adam, and their dogs, Leela and Freeman. She enjoys all forms of entertainment involving horror, mystery, or true crime.

Jordan Stifle

Jordan is a second-year Master’s student in the Psychological Science program. He received two associates degrees (one in Psychology and the other in Behavioral and Social Science) from Yuba Community College. He went on to receive a B.A. in Psychology from CSU Chico with honors in May of 2020. Jordan’s academic goals include finishing his master’s program and going on to pursue a Ph.D. His research interests include (but certainly are not limited to) the effects of trauma on memory and decision making, the neurobiological effects of anxiety disorders, and cultural influences on temporal discounting. When he’s not doing research work, you can typically find Jordan writing music, drawing, watching truly awful B movies, or catastrophizing about needing to take on more projects.

Johnson Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

  • Deja Shevalier
  • Jordan Stifle
  • Logan Smith
  • Andrew Ithurburn
  • Mariah Willis
  • Souk Chiang
  • Grace Garberson
  • Jackson Hodes
  • Brittany Ingersoll

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Mika Popovic
  • Kanvarbir Gill
  • Mitchell Koff
  • Lisia Albuquerque
  • Sherry Bell
  • AnnaMaria Boullion
  • Kevin Click
  • Cory Tondreau
  • Michael Frietas
  • Lucy Madden

Postbaccalaureate Research Assistants

  • Jose Gonzalez-Ayala
  • Kaylee Kohler
  • Emily Mansilla
  • Seema Shokooh

Undergraduate Honors Students

  • Genavieve Chambers
  • Krysta Darling
  • Lauren Goldberg
  • Natalia Garcia
  • Lucia Abril
  • Avery Beaudette
  • Jackson Park
  • Deja Shevalier
  • Alexandra Lewis
  • Cynthia Mancuso
  • Justin McGrew
  • Taylor Duncan
  • Mia Koenig
  • Julia Ferre
  • Gustavo Martir Luna
  • Megan McIntyre

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Michael Curry
  • Sara Zuniga
  • Kaylee Kohler
  • Jose Gonzalez-Ayala
  • Ian Fiksdal
  • Marcus Garcia
  • Velia Nunez
  • Lisia Albuquerque
  • Cindy Hernandez
  • Maxwell Gastineau
  • Ashlyn Crouch
  • Martin Meyer
  • Tristen Smith
  • Logan Fillmore
  • Karl Elers
  • Myers Lor
  • Soo Hung Jun
  • Taiana Melin
  • Mary Murphy